Ofsted 2014 - This is a good school - Pupil achievement is good - Teaching is good - Pupils display a thirst for learning - Leadership & Management is good - Teaching assistants provide high quality support - The most able pupils make outstanding progress - Behaviour & safety is good - This is a harmonious school

We are delighted to announce that our school has achieved the SSAT National Award for pupil's progress. The progress that our children make puts them in the top 20% of schools in the country for reading, writing and maths. We are proud to have been awarded with a certificate in recognition of this. Well done to all our hardworking pupils and staff!

Sedgley Park is a community school for children aged 3-11. The school is in the southern part of Bury and borders the local authorities of Salford and Manchester.  We encourage links with our surrounding community and respect the wide range of values, cultures and beliefs within it.





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Mr Butt(about a week ago)

This is one of the best schools my son has ever been to.You have after school curriculum clubs and everything.keep up the good work.can u keep up. (-_-)

LINDA(less than a month ago)

I never want to leave this school because I have lots of freinds and I also don't want my best friend to leave. Her name is arisara. I wish we had a high school upstairs.

adam asaf(less than a month ago)

I love this school

Jannat Abbas(less than a month ago)

I just cannot wait for the sats to come because I love maths. I hope I pass my sats.This school is the best , everyone has been so kind to me since I was new,thank you.

Xavier(about a month ago)

Hi,im xavier and this is my first comment XD

zoya hussain(about a month ago)


Abid Uddin(about a month ago)

I just wanted to thank all the teachers for their incredible work at this school which can be witnessed everyday as my children's look forward to coming into the school and be involved in all the different activities (not to forget the fantastic play at Christmas - Mystery at Magpie Manor) and their remarkable academic development. Thank you all. Keep up the great work.

Kakrah(about a month ago)

I like this school

Mr Entwistle(a couple of months ago)

I used to go to this school but now i am a old man i hope you all appreciate this.This actually is a good school.Hope you all come to this school!!BYE FOR NOW

adam asaf(a couple of months ago)

This school is the best!!!!!!

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