Headteacher: Mr J Gregory

Kings Road, Prestwich, Manchester M25 0HT



Sedgley Park Community Primary School

Goodbye and good luck to our Year 6 children! They enjoyed their Year 6 leaving party!

Happy Retirement to Mr Gregory from us all. Thank you for the last 25 years!

UKS2 put on a fantastic performance of 'Who's Your Mummy?'

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Zarah Khorshid .(less than a year ago)

Hi I’m so happy to be in this school.

Zarah(less than a year ago)

Hi I love all the teachers I’m so happy to attend this school by the way I’m in year 4 I got so much friends and I wish mr Gregrey didn’t have to leave:(

Frances Robertson(less than a year ago)

My grandson attends this school and seems to be coming along very well. He says he loves it and is happy there. ☺

nusayba & aliza(less than a year ago)

miss this school and the teachers!!xxx

Jones Maureen(less than a year ago)

My grandson is in this school. He started in September. From what he tells me he loves it there.

Josh(about a year ago)

good school.

Muhammad - Yusuf Hussain(about a year ago)

Hi I’m having a great time hope you are miss you all

Eisa(a couple of years ago)

I miss school and all the teachers i hope lockdown doesnt last long

Amaan(a couple of years ago)

this is my favourite school EVER!

safa kassam(a couple of years ago)

thank you

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