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Sedgley Park Community Primary School

Sports Funding


The government is providing addtional funding of £150million per annum for academic years to improve provision of physical education and sports in primary schools. This funding - provided jointly by Department for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport - will be allocated to headteachers. This funding will be reviewed in 2020. Schools must spend the additional funding on improving the provision of PE and sport.

Please click on the link below to see how we have used our annual sports funding.

Sports Premium Funding Spend 2019

Sports Premium Funding Spend 2017/18




PE Sports Funding - Sedgley Park 2016/17

  • Total funding -
  • Provider - PE Cube - SC Education Ltd
  • 1 full day + 1 after school club
  • Total - £6240

This academic year we decided to change our provider to PE Cube - SC Education Ltd. The PE Cube is a progressive, development framework that focuses on the physical and sporting development of all pupils. Our high quality lessons have been delivered by one coach throughout the year and he has been assisted by an apprentice. The PE Cube regularly observes Mr Ennison's lessons alongisde the school PE Co-ordinator to ensure that high quality and inclusion for all is being delivered.

Mr Ennison has supported the school in gaining the 'Schools Games Silver Award' this year. It is anticipated that we will apply for our Gold award next academic year.

Sporting success this year include winning the local Y5/6 Dodgeball competition.

In 2017/18 we will use the provider for 2 full days each week and 2 after school clubs. This will ensure that Key Stage 1 and Foundation Stage are introduced to high quality physical activity at an early age. It will also provide continuity in approach to sports teaching across the school. Miss Royle will work closely with Mr Ennison to co-ordinate the sports program and extra curricular sports across the school.

PE Cube - End of Year Report


PE Sports Funding - Sedgley Park 2015/16


  • Total funding - £9,045
  • Provider - In School Coaching Programme - Bury School Sports Partnership
  • 1 full day + 1 after school club
  • Total - £5460
  • Provider - Fit4Schools
  • 8 days fitness testing + 4 days parent fitness workshops
  • Total - £3597
  • Total spend - £9,057


This year we continued to use the funding to provide high quality PE lessons by a specialist coach throughout the year. Our coach remained the same all year round to offer consistency in approach and behaviour management. The range of skills taught changed each half term and included speed, agility, strength, dodging, striking, attacking and defending.

The focus for the after school sports club were also rotated each half term as were the year group that they were on offer to. Extra curricular activities included basketball, athletics and multiskills.


This academic year we worked alongside Fit4Schools to help improve the fitness levels of pupils within the school. We also wanted to involve parents with their child's fitness in a bid to increase out of school activity.

Pupils were involved in 4 fitness testing sessions throughout the year where the focus was to improve previous scores. The fitness testing activities included running, jumping and step ups.


  • Following the final round of testing we were pleased to observe the following results  -
  • Overall class improvement         36.58%
  • Overall girls improvement          28.24%
  • Overall boys improvement          44.60%
  • Pupil premium improvement       39.87%
  • EAL pupil improvement               39.49%
  • SEN pupil improvement               54.93%


PE Sports Funding - Sedgley Park 2014/15

           Total funding - £8,756

           Provider - In School Coaching Programme - Bury School Sports Partnership

          1 full day + 2 afternoons sports coaching

          2 after school clubs

          Total - £10,360

         This year we have continued to use the funding to provide high quality PE lessons by specialist coaches throughout the year.

        3 teachers have been supported by observing and working alongside a coach in PE lesson. This has increased their own confidence in the teaching of specific sports and will allow them to develop their skills further next year.

         The after school clubs have been offered to all year groups and a wide variety of sports have been covered throughout the year.


PE Sports Funding – Sedgley Park 2013/14


Total funding – £9200

Provider - In School Coaching Progamme - Bury School Sports Partnership

1 full day + 2 afternoons sport coaching = £9250

7.5% discount + 2 after school clubs = £693.75

Current spend = £8556.25


Sports funding has been used to provide high quality PE lessons by specialist coaches 1 day a week. Over the year a range of sports will be offered. The quality of which will be closely monitored by Mrs Forrester and Mark Clifford/Gill Molloy from ISCP.


The funding is also providing 2 afternoons per week of Continued Professional Development for staff in KS2. All KS2 classes are involved in working alongside a sports coach with their teacher for up to 7 weeks on a specific sport. Teachers are encouraged to develop their own ideas and extend the sports following the sessions through lesson plans and guidelines are provided for them.


Coaches will direct pupils towards continuing sports outside of school by providing information on local clubs.


In addition the funding is also supporting 2 extra-curricular sports clubs each week. The sports will change each half term and over the year they will be offered to a range of age groups. These sports clubs are in addition to what is provided already by staff members.


Sessions are evaluated by the sports coaches and assessments are passed on to the teacher at the end of each half term. School also evaluate the quality and impact of the sessions through feedback on the BurySSP website.