Headteacher: Mrs H Forrester

Kings Road, Prestwich, Manchester M25 0HT



Sedgley Park Community Primary School

At Sedgley Park, we aim to provide a broad scientific curriculum that develops vocabulary and empowers children to ask questions. This will enable children to make careful observations and decisions based on justifiable reasons. We ensure various, memorable experiences (including experiments and visitors) take place to broaden children's knowledge and make learning accessible for all children regardless of their ability or background. 


Science is taught through a topic based approach which enables children to gain a greater depth of knowledge about the subject. We want children to enjoy learning in all areas of science and many topics will be covered on more than one occasion throughout their schooling in order to embed their knowledge.

In teaching science there are a number of key skills and attributes that we seek to promote. 

This includes:

  • Developing an understanding of science through enquiry and investigation
  • Observing, measuring and undertaking a variety of tests
  • Developing curiosity and asking scientific questions
  • Reading and using scientific vocabulary
  • Testing and developing ideas
  • Decision making