Headteacher: Mrs H Forrester

Kings Road, Prestwich, Manchester M25 0HT



Sedgley Park Community Primary School

Autumn 2022

The children in Mr Cooper's Year 5 class took part in an exciting science investigation!

We supported Young Minds by joining in the Hello Yellow campaign.

Y4 made Roman oatcakes,  Roman coins and  Roman mosaics to start the ‘I Am Warrior’ topic.

Lower Key Stage 2 invited parents and carers in, to share their fabulous work on The Romans!

Take a look at these amazing firework pictures that our Nursery children created!

Mrs Noble and Y1-2 made these lovely Diva lamps to celebrate Diwali!

KS1 became paleontologists to start their new topic Dinosaur Kingdom. 

Year 6 dissected a sheep's heart to learn about how our hearts work.

Take a look at the work we completed to commemorate Remembrance Day 2022.

Year 2 got creative and made some fantastic fossils, as part of their work on dinosaurs. 

Nursery had a wonderful time completing activities based on the book Stick Man.

Miss Ismail's Year 3-4 Class had lots of fun on our Festive Fun Day!

Year 2 went back in time to 1666 as they retold the story of The Great Fire of London!

Reception had a picnic with their favourite toy to start the topic 'Why Do You Love Me So Much?'

Nursery had an art morning with parents and carers. The focus was Autumn and nature!

Our Reception Classes had a creative morning with parent and carers. The focus was Autumn!

Nursery went on an Autumn walk to learn about the changes in the seasons.

Take a look at some of the brilliant work Mr Skelton's Y6 class produced!

Y5 created posters warning us of the devastating effects of climate change.

Year 5 became surgeons and dissected sheep hearts (similar to a human heart).

We completed lots of work during anti-bullying week! Take a look! 

Year 1 carried out an investigation on dinosaur 'poo' as part of their work on dinosaurs!

Our Nursery children have completed lots of Christmas themed activities.

Mr Cooper's Y5s  have been learning how to find unit and non-unit equivalent fractions.

KS1 had a Royal Garden Party to start off their new topic, 'Bright Lights, Big City'.

Nursery had a a picnic with their favourite toy to start the topic 'Why Do You Love Me So Much?'

KS1 enjoyed sharing their work on 'Bright Lights, Big City' with parents and carers.

Year 6 Assembly was packed full of information about The Arctic and Antarctica!

Mr Skelton and Y6 conducted an experiment on some ‘icebergs’. Take a look!!

Mrs Noble's Y1-2 Class designed and made London buses and black cabs. Great work Y1-2!

Our Reception Classes got wrapped up and went on an Autumn walk!

Y4 learnt about the dangers of plastic pollution and how to reduce it, as part of their topic.

Our Nursery children produced some beautiful work on the theme of Winter.

Reception to Year 6 enjoyed a visit to the theatre to watch Snow White.

Mrs Stewart's Reception class enjoyed their Christmas dinner in their festive hats!

UKS2 enjoyed learning about the heart and sharing their work with their parents!