Headteacher: Mrs H Forrester

Kings Road, Prestwich, Manchester M25 0HT



Sedgley Park Community Primary School


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Class Dojo is our on-line behaviour management system intended to foster positive pupil behaviour.

Children earn 'Dojo Points' for their good behaviour. 


Unfortunately, there are times when agreed rules are not complied with. It is important that children know that unacceptable behaviour, disruptive behaviour or a poor standard of application are not tolerated. We have a clear stepped approach to support this, using our YELLOW and RED system.


Our approach to behaviour management is an effective way of promoting positive behaviour. A

Yellow warning card - this may be given for not following instructions, breaking of class rules or low level disruptive behaviour. A message will be recorded in the child's planner of any 'yellow' incidents. The aim is that any child on yellow will improve their behaviour to be moved back to green as soon as possible. 3 yellow cards within a half term will result in a child being placed on report for at least a week and will not be allowed to attend after school clubs.

Red consequence card - a red card may be given if 'yellow' continues with no improvement. Occasionally a red card will be issued immediately with more serious incidents including swearing, damage to property and physical voilence. Any child on 'red' will have their behaviour recorded on an incident form which parents are required to sign. Following the issue of a red card, a pupil will go on report for a week where their behaviour will be monitored regularly throughout the day. Being on report means exclusion from breaktimes and any extra-curricular activities. 3 red cards within the same half term could result in a short term exclusion.