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Sedgley Park Community Primary School

School Meals

Bury School Catering Service provides us with a variety of healthy and nutritional meals each day. We offer a daily selection of freshly cooked main meals, salads and desserts including fresh fruit and yoghurt. The menu is on a 4 week cycle and changes twice a year to introduce new dishes.

    School meals are nutritionally balanced and provide up to 3 of the recommended 5 a day. They also provide the opportunity to sit down and enjoy their meal with others whilst developing social skills.

    We offer halal and vegetarian options each day and are able to provide for most other special dietary requirements.

    School meals cost £12.00 per week. We are a cashless school and all payments should be made through the School Money system. Please contact Mrs Greenhalgh for further information. 

Are You Entitled To Free School Meals?

From September 2014 all Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 pupils have been entitled to receive a free meal at lunchtime.

If your child is in this age group but is also eligible for free school meals because you receive one of the qualifying benefits we still need you to apply for these as normal. This is because schools receive a 'pupil premium' payment (up to £1,385) for each eligible child which they can spend on resources which will benefit your child's education.


Free school meals are available if you or your partner are in receipt of either of -

     income support

     income based job seekers allowance

     income related employment support allowance

     child tax credit providing you do not receive working tax credit and your annual income does not not exceed £16,190

     guarantee element of state pension credit

     support under part vi of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999

    universal credit 


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