Headteacher: Mrs H Forrester

Kings Road, Prestwich, Manchester M25 0HT



Sedgley Park Community Primary School

Home School Agreement


This home/school agreement is in the front of your child’s planner.

Please read it through carefully together and sign at the beginning of each academic year.


Agreement on Behaviour


As a member of Sedgley Park Primary School, I agree that at all times:-


1.     I will treat others as I would like to be treated.


2.    I will not bully others and will not be involved in any acts of violence.


3.    I will not tease or pass nasty remarks about others.


4.    I will tell the truth, even if it might seem difficult at times.


5.    I will follow the school rules.


6.    I will try my best with my class work and will not disrupt the efforts of others.


7.    I will try to be kind and helpful to everyone at the school.


8.    I will help to keep the school environment clean and pleasant.


9.    I will not take anything belonging to anyone else.


10. I will make sure I attend school regularly and am on time.